Fit-Light Trainer

The Fit-Light Trainer is a reaction training system that is versatile and dynamic, with the ability to capture various attributes of human performance such as reaction time, speed, agility, and coordination – all measured for immediate performance feedback.

This innovative reaction-training system comprised of 8 RGB LED powered lights controlled by a tablet. The lights are used as targets for the user to deactivate and can be adapted and configured for all sports and training regimes.


Here’s the breakdown:

Reaction time

Reaction time is the amount of time it takes to respond to a stimulus (in this case the stimulus is a light). The shorter the reaction time the easier it is to react to a change in the direction of play. Fit-Light Trainers are used by NASCAR drivers to improve pure eye-hand reaction time, which can have a dramatic impact when it comes to racing a car at 190 MPH!



Speed is the ability to reach maximum velocity. The most obvious example is the 100 m sprint. However, most games require the need for multi-directional speed. Meaning that in order to achieve optimal performance, an athlete has to be able to run, skate, etc. at peak speed but also be able to change directions as quickly as possible. This is where agility comes in (see below).


Change in direction ability

The ability to change direction while accelerating or decelerating. An example of this is seen in running a route in football where a predetermined path is taken. Our Fit-Light trainer can measure the time it takes to run this path.



Agility is the ability to move quickly yet precisely in response to an external stimulus. Our Fit-Lights train this perfectly, as you must move both quickly and with precision in order to deactivate the light in time.



Awareness of and ability to control multiple body-parts in space. We can create programs that have both arms or both legs moving at once in order to capture this.

Essentially, an optimal combination of all of these skills is required to reach elite performance in almost all sports.


In addition to being a great performance tool, Fit-Lights are also useful in injury rehabilitation. For example, we can use a single-leg balance drill while deactivating the lights with the other foot in order to improve joint stability.


Fit-Lights are one of the only ways to train reaction-time to a stimulus in a clinic setting because they are random and must be reacted to. The only other way to achieve this is to actually participate in a practice or a game.


In light of this, we also use Fit-Lights as a way to objectively measure whether an athlete is ready to return from their injury. Reacting to the lights simulates reacting during an actual game, meaning any lingering injury effects quickly become apparent.


Professional athletes such as Steph Curry have used Fit-Lights as a training tool, so incorporating them into your routine can be a big boost!

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