Contrary to what its name suggests, athletic therapy isn’t just for athletes; it’s for anyone with an injury to a bone, muscle or joint. Athletic therapists provide immediate care and help with rehabilitation and injury prevention for these types of injuries.

Too much, too soon?

Returning to activity too soon after an injury can leave you feeling under-trained or still in pain. Know the feeling? Our athletic therapists (and the rest of our staff) are here to help you heal your injury and return to activity, sport or work feeling confident and ready. We want you back to doing what you love and functioning at your top strength, speed, agility and endurance—like nothing ever happened.

Coming back from an injury never gets easier, you just get stronger.

In athletic therapy, hard work and teamwork make your dream work. Our team takes a many-sided approach to your injury rehab and return to play. Just like a professional athlete, you’ll work with our physiotherapists, athletic therapists, kinesiologists and sport medicine physicians to get the most comprehensive treatment possible.
We’ll create a customized rehabilitation program for you, which will take you through your healing process and will address your strength, mobility and stability. We also consider your cardiovascular fitness, core stability and neuromuscular control in your program. As your injury heals, we’ll help you progress through the stages of rehab and will add speed, agility and power drills to your routine to get you functioning at your highest level and make sure you’re ready to return to sport or activity.