vestibularIf you have vestibular issues, you frequently feel the world spinning around you, find yourself bumping into things constantly or have trouble keeping your balance. 

For you to maintain your balance, three systems in your body need to work together: 

  • Your visual system (your eyesight)
  • Your somatosensory system (senses where your limbs are and interpret how they are moving, for example, walking forward)
  • Your peripheral vestibular system (your inner ear)

If one of these systems is not working properly, you will have trouble maintaining your balance and equilibrium.

What to expect at your assessment

Your highly-trained physiotherapist will start by asking you questions about your symptoms and health history. Then, it’s test time. Your therapist will guide you through several tests—some for your visual system, some for your somatosensory system and some for your peripheral vestibular system. 

During your assessment, please expect to get dizzy. We need to provoke your symptoms in order to treat them. For this reason, we strongly suggest you have a friend or family member drive you to the clinic. 

Find your balance

After your assessment, your physiotherapist will fill you in on our findings and will set you on the best course of action. Your vestibular rehabilitation will likely include an exercise program that will help reduce your dizziness and improve your balance. 

Sometimes we can fix your vestibular problem in just one appointment; however, in most cases, we will need to see you a few times to solve the issue.