Performance Therapy

A thorough performance therapy assessment is a start to a great treatment plan, so we bring locker room medicine to you, treating you and your injury just like professional athletes.


Our Sport Medicine clinic combines Athletic Therapy and Medicine Physicians to provide a comprehensive and thorough assessment, diagnosis and help outline your treatment plan. Communicating with all rehab professionals involved in your care is also critical and a key to your success.


In Performance Therapy/Locker Room Medicine hard work and a team approach are key. This treatment method involves an interdisciplinary approach to your injury rehab and returns to play, just like professional athletes have. Each professional that works with you brings a different specialty.


From physiotherapists and athletic therapists to kinesiologists and sport medicine physicians, you’ll get the most comprehensive treatment from injury to performance. You’ll receive a customized rehabilitation program throughout your entire injury healing process that addresses strength, mobility, and stability.


Your cardiovascular fitness, neuromuscular control, core stability are also incorporated into your rehab program.


As your injury is healing, we progress you through the stages of rehab and integrate speed, agility and power drills into your routine to get you functioning and performing at your highest level and ready for a return to sport/activity.


Return to Sport. Play. Life.

If you’ve returned to activity too soon after an injury you might know the feeling of being under-trained or even still in pain.  With the help of an Athletic Therapist at Advantage Sport Medicine, you’ll feel confident and ready for returning to your activity, work or sport.


You’ll breakdown your movement demands and be sure you’re able to perform what you need to do. Factors such as speed and agility, strength and power, endurance and stamina are all key factors needed for returning to your sport or activity while also performing at your best like you never missed anything.


After an injury, it’s important that your rehab plan addresses the demands of your sport or activity and ensures you’re not only rehabbed but conditioned. Speed, agility and power, strength and endurance, as well as mental readiness, are all things that will make you feel more confident in returning after an injury and here at Advantage, our team won’t let you down.


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