FCE Testing

Accurate Assessment of Functional Capacity with FCE Testing at Advantage Sport Medicine

At Advantage Sport Medicine, we understand the importance of accurate and comprehensive assessments when it comes to determining an individual’s functional capacity. Our Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) testing services are designed to assess an individual’s physical abilities and limitations in order to provide valuable insights for return-to-work decisions, disability evaluations, and treatment planning. With our expertise in FCE testing, we aim to provide objective and reliable data to support informed decisions and promote optimal outcomes.

Understanding FCE Testing

Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) is a specialized assessment that evaluates an individual’s physical capabilities, endurance, and limitations. Advantage Sport Medicine offers FCE testing to individuals who have experienced work-related injuries, accidents, or medical conditions that may affect their ability to perform job tasks. Our team of professionals utilizes standardized protocols and advanced measurement tools to accurately assess an individual’s functional abilities and provide a comprehensive evaluation of their work-related capacities.

Comprehensive Assessment Process

Advantage Sport Medicine employs a comprehensive assessment process for FCE testing. Our team will conduct a thorough evaluation of an individual’s physical strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, and functional movements. We utilize a variety of tests, such as lifting and carrying tasks, pushing and pulling activities, and simulated work activities, to measure an individual’s capacity to perform specific job-related tasks. The assessment is performed in a controlled and safe environment, with careful monitoring by our experienced professionals.

Reliable and Objective Results

Accuracy and objectivity are key components of FCE testing. Advantage Sport Medicine is dedicated to providing reliable results that can be used to make informed decisions. Our team follows standardized protocols and uses validated measurement tools to ensure the integrity and consistency of the testing process. The data collected during FCE testing is analyzed and compiled into a comprehensive report, offering valuable insights into an individual’s functional capabilities, restrictions, and recommendations for work-related activities.

Make informed decisions regarding functional capacity with FCE testing at Advantage Sport Medicine. Our comprehensive assessment process, reliable results, and application-oriented approach ensure that you receive the valuable insights needed for return-to-work decisions, disability evaluations, and treatment planning. Take the first step towards objective assessments and optimal outcomes by scheduling a consultation with our experienced team today. Advantage Sport Medicine is here to provide you with accurate FCE testing for informed decision-making and improved outcomes.


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