Were you recently diagnosed with a concussion? (initial 2 weeks of a concussion)

A concussion is a mild traumatic brian injury which can be caused by a blow to the head, face, neck or to the body that jars the head.


The majority of those who experience a concussion recover with no lingering symptoms.


After a concussion, the first 24-48 hours should consistent of relative rest

This may mean you have to change your general routine:


  1. Decrease family responsibilities
  2. Decrease school or workload
  3. Stop driving
  4. Limit or eliminate non-prescription drugs including alcohol
  5. Limit physical activity
  6. Stay hydrated


Over the next 12 days you should follow a gradual return to your normal routine. Research has shown most people recover in 2 weeks, however returning too quickly can lead to prolonged symptoms. By gradually increasing your activity and avoiding symptom triggers over time you will be able to do more. Avoiding spikes and subsequent crashes will improve your recovery.


Remember your brain needs both physical and cognitive rest. After a concussion parts of your brain may work less efficiently. It will take time to recovery from these effects


Light Sensitivity: After a concussion, the eyes can be more sensitive to light. Lights may exacerbate your concussion symptoms.


Reduce your hypersensitivity by:

  1. Use sunglasses and wear a hat outdoors
  2. Avoid direct sunlight and bright fluorescent lights
  3. Use dimmers and warm while LED or incandescent lights
  4. Use natural light when possible
  5. Control brightness and blue light on your electronics

DO NOT wear sunglasses indoors

Avoiding aggravating lighting environments can be beneficial initially, however it is important for treatment to start with gradual exposure to brighter and different color of lights to build tolerance.