Neuropsychology and Concussions

Some concussion symptoms deserve to be evaluated and treated by neuropsychologists in addition to a doctor.

For example, difficulties paying attention, concentrating, remembering and problem-solving are not uncommon after a head injury. Because our brain controls our emotions and behaviours just as much as it controls our balance or memory, a concussion can also lead to issues like depression, anxiety, anger, or changes in the way a person acts. Neuropsychologists specialize in cognitive and emotional brain functioning and thus play an important role in concussion recovery.




If you have not already gone through our baseline testing program, our neuropsychologist will first review your background to determine if you have had previous concussions, bouts of anxiety or depression, medication use, sleep disturbance or the like. After, the neuropsychologist will conduct evaluations to assess memory, attention, reasoning and other cognitive skills. Personality and mood tests will help a psychologist understand the psychological factors at work. The results will help identify cognitive impairments and specify which abilities have been most affected.




Most importantly, our neuropsychologist will provide psychoeducation, teaching you about normal concussion symptoms and recovery patterns. For situations where patients develop an unhealthy focus on their symptoms, CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy) often helps.


In more serious cases the neuropsychologist may suggest a rehabilitation regime to help with memory, reasoning or other cognitive skills.  If mood and symptoms persist, a psychologist may refer you to a physician for medication or further short-term therapy.


With the help from their team of Sports Medicine Physicians, Physiotherapists, Athletic Therapists and Kinesiologists our neuropsychologist will care for your concussion and its impact on your relationships, school/work performance and mental health.

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