Advantage Sport Medicine x Evolve North Clinic


Our mission at the Evolve North clinic is simple. 


It is to maintain your health, keep you moving, provide you with a safe space to be active, and equip you with the knowledge, confidence, and rehab tools to continue pushing the boundaries of your goals, without limitations – whether small or large. Taking care of your body is much more than pain relief or managing injuries as they happen. It begins with you having a concrete understanding of how your body moves, the demands required of your body by different activities, and how this all ties in with your goals. By having these pillars in place, the emphasis is now placed on a proactive and preventative healthcare model which better avoids injury and rehabilitation as a whole. 


From injury prevention to staying active, learning to lift, or training for competitions. Our team of highly trained therapists prioritize finding collaborative patient-therapist goals, take a one-on-one approach to get you out of pain, to make adjustments along the way, and get you moving in the community at your full potential, both physically and mentally.  


We will develop an individually tailored rehabilitation treatment plan structured on movement programming and strength and conditioning to help you move better, feel better, and perform better.


One-on-one appointments with longer treatment times allows you to discover more about your body and allows our passionate therapists to spend more time with you educating, modifying, and monitoring movement technique.


A blend of manual therapy, neuromuscular movement retraining, pain science, and education results in a rehab program that offers you a refreshed approached of movement, how you view your body, and the goals you are trying to achieve.


A more responsive healthcare approach aimed at individuals from all walks of life. Our end-goal is to empower individuals to move with confidence, find joy in movement, and overcome barriers that affect function.