What’s Your Injury Risk Score?

At Athletes’ Advantage Physiotherapy, we believe that injury prevention is an often over-looked part of sports medicine. This philosophy has led us to employ a proven method of injury prevention, which involves screening individuals for high-risk movement patterns, thus allowing us to correct these issues before a serious injury strikes.

For example, if an athlete tends to jump and land in a high-risk knee position, the issue will be detected with an assessment, and then we will help to correct this tendency by strengthening key muscles before an injury is sustained to the ACL, the MCL, or the meniscus.

Our clinic uses an innovative assessment tool called Move 2 Perform in order to evaluate where you’re at with respect to functional movement. A study by Lehr et al. (2013) found this to be an accurate predictor of injury, as “high-risk” athletes were 3.4 times more likely to suffer an injury compared to “low-risk” athletes.

Athletes’ Advantage Physiotherapy will also assist you in deciding when to return to play. With the Move 2 Perform program we take into account your scores on proven assessment tests along with demographic information in order to objectively calculate your progress.

This program allows us to assess your level of risk, establish a baseline, correct any issues, and track your progress, all of which helps you to stay in the game.

Owner, Norm DeNault (PT, FCAMPT,CGIS), is certified in Functional Movement Screening and Y-Balance Testing, so contact us at info@ptadvantage.ca or 780-460-9977 for your expert assessment today!

Lehr, M., Plisky, P., Butler, R., Fink, M., Kiesel, K., & Underwood, F. (2013). Field-expedient screening and injury risk algorithm categories as predictors of non-contact lower extremity injury. Scand J Med Sci Sports, 23(4), 225-232.