Who is this For? Any athlete dedicated to working towards their potential in sport. 

  • Elite & Professional Athletes. 
  • Serious Amateur and Developing Athletes. 
  • Serious Competitive Recreational Athletes. 


Program Options: Long Term Commitments ONLY! 

  1. 4-6 week Programming 
  1. 1-3 month Programming 
  1. 3-6 month Programming 
  1. 6 -12 month Programming 
  1. 1-5 year Programming 

Program Variables: 

  1. Individual Programming 
  1. Small Group Programming (2-8 athletes) 
  1. Team Programming 
  1. Virtual Programming 

All Program Pricing is Individually Accessed.  

1 Hour Performance Planning Meeting Required: Cost $100.00 +Tax 


About the Program: 

Sport Performance Programming is all about planning and support. 

You need the right plan with the right people around you.  

This is the bedrock of the Krush – Advantage Sport Performance Program.  

Our performance programs are built for you. For your goals, for your objectives and for your dreams.  

When it comes to helping athletes excel there are two things we know: 

First, we know that No one can do it alone. 

Second, we don’t know how good you can become – until you go through the process. 

The Krush-Advantage Sport Performance Program is built on our integrated Locker-Room Performance Team Approach and our comprehensive individual athlete /player performance planning strategy.  

The Locker-Room Approach:  

The Krush/Advantage Performance Team has extensive experience working in the world of professional sport.  

It is here that we came to appreciate the immense benefits of having the entire performance team together in one place collaborating and working toward a common goal: helping our players perform.  

In professional sport the performance team consists of team management, the coaching staff, the entire medical staff: doctors, athletic trainers, physiotherapists and other specialists, the performance staff: strength and conditioning specialists, nutritionists, mental performance coaches, massage therapy, recovery and postural specialists as well as the players themselves.  

This is the Locker-Room Performance Team Approach, and it is so powerful, we put it together for you.  

In Performance Programming and Therapy, Locker-Room Medicine, hard work, and a team approach are key. Our performance method involves an interdisciplinary approach to your performance, development, injury rehab and return to play, just like our professional athletes have with their teams and organizations.  

Each professional that works with you brings a different specialty. From Physiotherapists and Athletic Therapists to Kinesiologists, sport scientists, strength and conditioning coaches and Sport Medicine Physicians, you will have the support of the entire Krush-Advantage team to get you functioning and performing at your highest level. 

Performance Programming Strategy: 

Every Krush-Advantage Performance Program is built specifically for the individual athlete using our unique performance planning process.  

Starting with a one-hour performance consultation, we consider all possible logistics and variables in order to clearly determine, where you are currently at, where you have been and where you want to go in your sport. From here we begin to buildout your future in sport.  

With a range of program options, we custom design every program based on our athlete’s needs: their time, their financial model and their goals, objectives and dreams.  

  • Performance Programming ranges from 4 weeks to 4 years.  
  • Each program closely considers the athletes age and level of competition. 
  • Every aspect of athlete / player performance are considered in program development. 
  • Every athlete goes through a Comprehensive intake assessment.  
  • We specialize in long term and year-round planning and programming.  
  • Initial Performance Planning Meeting. 

Each program starts with a Performance Planning Meeting, where we spend one hour breaking down your performance, goals and objectives and layout the initial framework for your program to help you decide if the Krush – Advantage Program is right for you. 

To make ensure the Krush Advantage Program is a good fit we required an initial Performance Planning Meeting.  

The Cost of this meeting is $110.00 +Tax.  

If it is decided that the athlete continues into the program this cost will go towards programming.  


All Program Pricing is Individually Accessed.  


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