Who is This For? 

  • Any athlete wanting to better understand how to organize their world to optimize their development and performance.
  • Any athlete looking to better understand the world of athlete and player development to help push their performance forward.
  • Elite & Professional Athletes.
  • Amateur & Developing Athletes.
  • Sport Families Looking for Guidance.


The Question: How do you take your performance to the next Level? Let’s find out.

In this 90-minute session we will work to uncover the major elements of your current performance, discuss strategies to boost your future performance and breakdown the steps that need to be taken to help you achieve your goals and objectives.

The goal of this session is to set the framework for your performance plan and ultimately set you up for the next phase of your development and performance.

No matter your level of competition or which sport(s) you play there are fundamental principles of development and performance that must be addressed if you hope to reach your sporting goals.

For professional and elite athletes, the very smallest improvement can result in massive gains in performance and longevity.

For youth and amateur athletes, the sequencing, focus and progression of training and development can be an absolute game changer. Done properly incredible progress can be made. Done improperly, the road can become long and frustrating.


What we will Cover:

  • Setting Goals and Objectives. Your Goals and Objectives.
  • How to Optimization Your Programming and Scheduling.
  • Key Aspects of Athlete and Player Development that are often ignored or overlooked.
  • The Top Priorities for Athlete and Player Development that you MUST Address.
    • Sleep, Rest & Recovery
    • Nutrition & Hydration
    • Injury Prevention and Setting Yourself up for Success.
    • Training Priorities.
    • Mental Performance
  • Then we discuss your next steps, your future planning and your performance map.


Cost: $110.00 plus tax

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