Persistent Concussion and Aerobic Exercise

A concussion can affect your autonomic nervous system which controls the “involuntary” functions of your body.

The reduced ability to control blood flow to the brain, blood pressure and heart rate in response to exertion, can cause an increase in concussion symptoms. Deconditioning from prolonged rest can also impair autonomic control of cerebral blood flow.

Aerobic exercises

  1. Accelerates symptoms resolution
  2. Normalized cerebral blood flow control
  3. Non-pharmacological option for mental health
  4. Attenuates cognitive impairments
  5. Positively affects the brain’s ability to adapt

The Buffalo Concussion Treadmill Test is used to monitor exercise capacity throughout your recovery.

  • it is important to find your symptom threshold to avoid peaks and crashes in your symptoms and activity level
  • it is recommended to perform activities to bring on mild symptoms
  • overtime your brain and body will adapt increasing your exercise tolerance and capacity

Persistent Concussion and Aerobic Exercise