Noise Sensitivity

After a concussion, noise can often be challenging to tolerate.

Instead of avoiding noise, it is important to start with gradual exposure. With time your brain will decrease its noise sensitivity and process sound normally.

Tinnitus is a buzzing or ringing in the ears. It is often worse and louder at night. Using other noises may help mask or compete with it.


  1. avoiding noise can be helpful initially, but complete avoidance is NOT recommended after 2 weeks
  2. Use of earplugs for loud environments
  3. Noise sensitivity should not prevent you from doing activities you enjoy

Use graduated noise exposure to build tolerance

Start with monotonous noise -> music without lyrics -> music with lyrics -> language-based noise

Begin with low volume and short time. Gradually increases volume and time until tolerated for most of the day. Finally, combine language and listening activities.

Noise sensitivity