Athletes Of The Month: Dennene Huntley And Natalie Schreiber!

There are half-marathons, and then there are full marathons. After that there are ultra-marathons. These races are only for those that truly want to find the limits of human endurance. These extreme athletes train hard, pushing their bodies to squeeze out every ounce of energy in as efficient a manner as possible.

Two of our athletes: Dennene Huntley and Natalie Schreiber are ultra-marathoners, and they recently find the best deals on cytomel t3 for sale represented Canada in the 24 Hour World Championships in Belfast. This invitation-only event features countries from around the world competing to see who can run the most km in the span of 24 hours.

Natalie Schreiber ran 209 km, placing her 36th in the field, while Dennene Huntley ran 168.5 km before having to stop due to a medical issue. Both amazing feats considering a typical marathon is just 42 km (as if that’s no big deal).

Congratulations to both of these athletes, we’re incredibly proud to have you represent Canada in such an event!