Acute Concussion and Aerobic Exercise

A concussion can affect your autonomic nervous system which controls the “involuntary” functions of your body.

The reduced ability to control blood flow to the brain, blood pressure and heart rate in response to exertion, can cause an increase in concussion symptoms.

You do not need to wait for complete symptom resolution to start physical activity. Early physical activity is associated with a reduced risk for persistent concussion symptoms.

**Be aware of increased symptom spikes with abrupt increases in mental activity (returning to school/work)

The Buffalo Concussion Treadmill Test is used to determine a sub symptom threshold heart rate to exercise at and monitor exercise capacity throughout their recovery

Light exercise after a concussion:

  1. enhances mood
  2. decreases fatigue
  3. improves brain’s ability to adapt
  4. Improves blood floor to the brain

Acute Concussion and Aerobic Exercise